Jamming 20100227

20100227 Jammed with Nico (Electric Guitar) Sam (Classical Guitar) Me (Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica) Percussion (and quasi-percussion) instruments: Agogo (see Wikipedia article here), Berimbau, Caxixi, Slide for use with guitar or berimbau, Beads.

Berimbau: Berimbau tuned to A, most useful. I found the most useful way to hold the berimbau is having one end on one leg, and then having the foot of the opposite leg in between the verga and arame to have the arame upright. The cabeca (gourd) should be on the higher end, so that you can play notes starting at A and going up. It also gives you access to the short sound of the arame that is below the cabeca, and the click of the cabeca itself. And of course there's the caxixi, which is percussive. From there, there's various sounds that can be made to a steady beat. Holding a slide to go from A to some point that you approximate to be C is handy.

I show Sam some of the traditional sounds that can come from a berimbau, as well as some of the traditional rhythms that are played.

Rotation: So with more people, we figure we should usually have two on guitar and one on the various percussion instruments available. We started Nico on percussion, and Sam and I on guitar. I stuck to rhythm while listening to the cool sounds that Sam got off the classical. Playing chords with licks off the chords was something that I definitely made note of to do in future practicing of guitar playing. In fact, a couple days after 20100227, I believe I did just that. In any case, eventually I switched to percussion and Nico picked up his guitar. And at some point I decided it would be a good idea to record what was going on, especially since Sam had moved from where he was first sitting to Nico's amp.

C D G: I've long been interested in a certain way of playing C D G, but it can get a bit boring on it's own. So I played it during the jam, and it was nice to hear what could be played on top of it.

Semi-Blues Progression: Semi in the sense of the sound and style, but not any of the traditional 8, 12, or 16 bar blues at all. Nico was doing A and E at the fifth fret. I followed suit, but I was sticking to the A7 and E9 that he had showed me last time we jammed. And then Sam was playing along and doing some lead. And then at times, we would rotate the lead when we felt like it made sense. I also changed the style of my A7 and E9 playing a bit. At some point I played it in a way that caused Nico and I to go down to a very quiet noise level and then raise back in volume. At that point, Sam was experimenting with the percussion pool and also adjusted volume accordingly. Nico and I were near cracking up, but it was a good sound, and Nico had it stuck in his head for a while after we had stopped playing.

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