Jamming 20100219

20100219 Jammed with Nico (Electric Guitar) Me (Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica)

Blues Progression: We were either playing A7 (575655), A7, D9 (X54555), D9, A7, A7, D9, D9, A7, A7, D9, D9, A7, A7, E9 (X76777), D9, repeat (16 bars). Or A7, A7, D9, D9, A7, A7, D9, D9, A7, A7, E9, D9, repeat (12 bars). Though the first four measures in a common blues progression will just be the dominant chord, in this case A7, A7, A7, A7 instead of A7, A7, D9, D9. Regardless, it was fun to play. After I was able to stick with the chords, Nico was able to play lead. After we ended, I asked for some advice, and he suggested (1) the use of the pinky to add to the chord and (2) sliding into a chord can have a nice sound. I had done a little of (2), but I'll definitely try and focus a little more on making better use of it.

Switch-Off Rhythm and Lead:
one person plays a simple rhythm, the other person plays lead. Then after a bit, the person playing lead switches to playing a simple rhythm, and then the person playing the rhythm switches to playing lead. And so on. I started with rhythm, I played a progression that I had written down for one of my songs. I liked the lines that Nico put down. I think I might have occasionally played harmonica (I have a harmonica holder).

Hotel California: I couldn't remember the progression, but Nico did, and he reminded me of how it went. I learned that the song sounds better with some of the chords higher up the fretboard, as opposed to around first position. Of course Nico plays the song in a style that has much more likeness to the original song than I do. One of the chords, in particular, I learned has a better sound if you add in the bass line.

Pachelbel's Canon in D: Let's see... I remember Nico showing me the progression as (all bar chords) D , A, Bmin, F#min, G, F#min, G, A. Though one could also do D, A, Bmin, F#min, G, D, G, A. In any case, this progression is great, because it allows for subtle variations to be added, or large variations, by either style of play or added notes, etc.

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