Capoeira 20100225

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "quexada" to "queixada" (prior to 20100918).

The first four bullet notes for this day were rather cryptic, but I thought they still might serve some value, so I listed them anyways:

*Esquiva fake. Fake meia lua de compasso


*Hand push down to head

*Forward something

*Step back parallel. Ginga back. Switch and meia lua de compasso (Stay low when switching) Intermediate/Advanced do two meia lua de compassos instead of one. Bring leg back.

*Ginga, finish back, switch, queixada, step back with front, armada, step forward, meia lua de compasso, step forward with back, another meia lua de compasso

*Same as the previous bullet, but instead of down the floor, then in partners

I spent this class playing the berimbau and taking notes. I participated in the roda a little. In hindsight, I had a fever on 20100226, so I probably shouldn't have even come to class and gotten rest. But I couldn't help but come.

[Actual Post Date and Time 3/12/10 11:23 AM]

Quem nunca jogou capoeira

Quem nunca jogou capoeira
Ainda na~o sabe o que e bom
E' cultura brasileira
E se diz foclo're e e' luta da gente
Quando se escuta o pandeiro
Rimando com o atabaque
O berimbau vem dizendo
Na~o e' com a ma~o e' com o pe' que se bate
Na~o e' com a ma~o
*E' com o pe' que se bate
na~o e' com a ma~o
*E' com o pe' que se bate

Who never played capoeira
We do not know what is good
Is Brazilian culture
And it says it is folklore and people's struggle
When you hear the tambourine
Rhyming with the conga
The berimbau is saying
Not with the hand is with the foot that beat
*Not with the hand
It is with the foot that hits
*It is not with the hand

[Actual Post Date and Time 2/26/10 6:27 PM]

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