Capoeira 20100220

Carlos Mosca Armacanqui:

Sequence 1:
A1: Meia lua de compasso to the right
B1: Meia lua de compasso to the left

A2: Don't bring the leg to the ground, come around two more times
B2: Same

A3: Step inside with the kicking leg, so the left leg. And bring the back leg, so the right leg, around (i.e., clockwise) to position yourself slightly behind the person
B3: React by going to a vingativa

A4: React by spinning around/over the person. (The movement that looks like you're rolling over the person's back, but you don't actually have to have had contacted the person)

B5: meia lua de frente with the left, meia lua de frente with the right
A5: esquiva the first, and then catch the second, bring B's leg up and stretch his/her leg

A6: Drop B's leg and enter tesoura.
B6: Fall

A7: Push the knees away and then roll over

Sequence 2:
Just the jumping motion mentioned at A4 of Sequence 1

Done in the leap frog style as described at the beginning of Sequence 3 Details.

Sequence 3:
Going under meia lua de compasso.

Sort of like leap frog but with five people, where if you're at the end, then you alternate going under the people's legs which are fixed in a meia lua de compasso with their legs in the air. So if their left leg is in the air for the kick, and it is held to your left. So you will get down low, bring your right leg clockwise, around your left foot which is a pivot point and as such, you are moving under their leg, provided it were to continue moving. When you get to the end, you raise your leg as people come through.

Sequence 4:
A: hopping back on one foot away from B
B: down on all fours, and keeping the hands on the ground, small au's over A's foot

continue this until A....

A: meia lua de compasso
B: go under the meia lua as practiced in Sequence 3

A: vingativa
B: dodge by the jump as practiced in 'Sequence 2'/'A4 of Sequence 1.'

B: pick up A and spin, it seems 1 or 2 is actually pretty good for disorienting a person

Sequence 5:
*Step forward
*Negativa backwards
*Step and turn to regular direction
*Get up
*Fake meia lua to one direction
*Meia lua in the opposite direction
*Shift weight to back leg and martelo with front

Sequence 6:
*unknown connection
*meia lua de frente but around and down into negativa
*switch negativa
*feet together and I/A: macaco, B: swing both legs over

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