Capoeira 20100216

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Replaced "mid troca" with "esquiva baixa." Corrected "cota capin" to "corta capim." Corrected "chapa de corro" to "chapéu de couro." Corrected "martelo de solo" to "martelo do chão."

*Walk around
*Arms up
*Rotate Arms
*Arms across the body
*Pull head to the side
*Right leg back, step right leg forward into esquiva, stay low, jump back by right foot replacing left foot, left leg goes back.
*So now you're where you started except with feet switched. Step left leg forward into esquiva, stay low, jump back by left foot replacing right foot, right leg goes back. Then ginga.
*Various traditional stretches

*Right leg back. Right leg steps forward parallel. Esquiva to the right. Switch (left foot replaces the right, right foot goes to the right parallel) and esquiva to the left. Switch and esquiva to the right. Finish back (right leg back), swing the right leg forward, finish back, swing the right leg in a clockwise arch. Ginga.
*Right leg back. Switch legs, right foot coming forward to where the left foot is, left foot comes back parallel to the right foot. Your body is going counter-clockwise. In the center you look between your legs moving towards your left leg and going into queda de rin (beginners: fake au). Use your abs to push back out.
*Do this in partners.
*Down the floor: Esquiva baixa, right leg back. Then martelo do chão (some people may call this a chapéu de couro). Land in a strong ginga position. Then repeat peat going to the left. Keep going down the floor. Each time reaching forward. Remember to thrust your pelvis into the kick. This is the power of the kick.
*Do this exercise in partners. One person does an armada. The other person esquivas and does the martelo do chão.
*Esquiva baixa, right leg back. Half a corta capim (Right arm reaches over the left knee, the right leg comes up, you make a little hop and swing the left leg around, finishing in a negativa. Au de cabeza (Advanced: Do it with a twist. Beginners: Au). Land in negativa. Move up into ginga. Recall that in negativa position, the side of your front foot lays flat to the ground, and the hand that is on the ground is somewhere around your knee. When your leg moves, your hand moves together. Again providing stability.

No kicks.
Free game.

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