Capoeira 20100214 Workshop with Alegria Day 3

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "quexada" to "queixada" (prior to 20100918). Corrected "entrado" to "entrada." Replaced "mid troca" with "esquiva baixa." Corrected "cotacapinha" to "corta capim." Corrected "chapa de corro" to "chapéu de couro." Corrected "martelo de solo" to "martelo do chão."

Sequence 1 (Partners):
A: a) armada b) negativa
B: a) esquiva b) armada c) negativa

Details: A faces South. B faces North.
A: a) armada to the East b) negativa actually goes into the armada, the move is almost actually done without regard to B's choice to kick
B: a) esquiva to to the East b) armada to the West c) again just go into it from aramda without regard to A's action

Now there was some fancy exit at the end, but I can't remember. I believe it could have involved turning into a meia lua de compasso position, i.e. if you're left leg is out, then you turn clockwise. From this you do a slight hop with the left leg towards your partners left. Bring your right leg so that your thigh contacts their thigh, i.e., inside. Then the left foot comes behind their right foot.

Ah ha!

Sequence 1 (Partners) Definitive Edition:
A: a1) armada b2) negativa into the armada c1) turn into meia lua, hop and the back leg steps inside. Thus A and B are thigh to thigh. A initiating the move has the advantage, and takes B down.
B: a2) esquiva b1) armada

Sequence 2 (Line):
Queixada de frente (Queixada entrada), Hands down, Turn, Queixada

Sequence 2 (Partners):
A: Queixada entrada
B: Enter

Here, B=Beginner, I=Intermediate, A=Advanced
Down the Floor 1:
*Esquiva baixa
*B: Simplified corta capim by moving back foot up to front, and kicking front out, I/A: Corta capim
*B: Au, I: Au Cabeza, A: Au Cabeza with a twist
Tip: Instead of going straight down to the head, save energy by going into queda de rin which makes the distance between the head and ground shorter, as well as possibly giving momentum into the movement.
*Get up and repeat with other side.

Sequence 3 (Line):
*Meia lua de frente, but instead of finishing back, the leg goes across, so the leg makes a 270 degree sweep, you make a 360 degree turn. (I would consider finishing back a 90 degree sweep, and 0 degree turn. The reference point is starting parallel.)
*Make sure you make your turns so that you minimize the time not looking at your imaginary opponent.
*When the kicking leg finishes back, have it stretch back, and then reach for a chapéu de couro (martelo do chão). Make your movement big.

Sequence 3 (Partners):
The kick comes fast, so the person doing the esquiva should preemptively esquiva at first, it's much safer that way. The person kicking should reach to be within kicking distance of the partner.

Sequence 4 (Partners):
A: Au. Another way.
B: Au.

I don't recall what that was suppose to mean...

Notes to Self:
*2 Hands to floor for meia lua de compasso.

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