Note: QUE proReader and Other

So I have one of those Sony Readers, and I was excited about the QUE proReader when I heard about it, because of it's large display, until I found out that it's not really that large. It has a 10.5 inch diagonal and compared to the Kindle DX's 9.7 inch diagonal, that's not what I need. I need a display that is the SAME size as a piece of paper. Lol, and since I was bored, I used linear approximation and guesstimation to compute the diagonal of a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to be 13.9 (first order taylor series at x_0 = 14, and -2.75/28 is approximately -0.1, and 13.9 squared is 193.21 compared to the 193.25 = 8.5^2 + 11^2). Of course, having access to google, the answer is about 13.9014388 Oh... and I need the devices to be cheap. So for now, I'll hold onto my little Sony Reader and make due with slicing and dicing any PDF documents I need.

Okay and now there's the iPad. And at which point, I realized, I'm just gonna get a netbook. A netbook is small, portable, but actually has a keyboard and possible functions that are worth using. Being an actual computer, the ability to maneuver a PDF file will be simple. While an iPad has a touchscreen, so what. I'm not entirely big on the iTouch. I don't need a big iTouch... Plus, most netbooks will be cheaper than an iPad. Especially considering the hard drive sizes and probably battery life. Again, the price of the iPad is probably in the touch screen and the accelerometer. Maybe... ::shrug:: But finally, the difference that both netbooks and the iPad doesn't have on the readers is the ink technology. But readers, in general are too expensive to warrant their purchase. Hence, I will buy a reader when it is cheap and when it is the size of a piece of paper. Otherwise, I will buy a netbook, for its size and portability.

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