Note: Game Mechanics

Playing Martian Coasters today, I thought about how part of making a game fun is the interaction and possibility of screwing other players over and yet, if a game comes to a point where you are preventing other player's wins until it is your turn to win, and then only by luck, then the game loses some of its fun. Games like this are Munchkin and Treehouse. Choosing who wins happens a little bit in Pente.

1) See with Pente with strictly more than two players, there are times when you get to choose the winner of the round, perhaps not you, but if one of the round winners results in the game winner, you are forced to let the person who is not the game winner, by default of you yourself wanting to win.
2) With Treehouse, there will be more than one player waiting for the lucky roll to come up.
3) With Munchkin, its waiting for that monster to come up.

1) With Pente, this is okay, as you're not waiting for a win, you're just supposed to either avoid those situations or play so that you have the possibility to gain in points. There is no luck with Pente.
3) With Munchkin, the problem can be slightly fixed by setting a round limit, either by the moment someone reaches level 9 or such things as a person can only lose a level at level 9 if he/she loses against a monster or that a level 9 can only be brought down to a level 7. Ah! IF YOU REACH LEVEL 9, EACH TIME YOUR TURN STARTS AND YOU ARE AT LEVEL 9, YOU GET A LEVEL 9 COUNTER, IF THE COUNTER REACHES SOME FIXED NUMBER, SAY '8-N', WHERE 'N' IS THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS, THEN YOU WIN! In fact, you can do this for every level if you want... Certainly leveling yourself naturally is a lot better than waiting for the counter to reach '8-N', even if you had '7-N' counters, you would prefer to level rather than waiting a whole round to level by counter. Note that you have to reset the counter to 0 each time you level up. Or, it can be fixed progressive, at level L you need '8-N+9-L' counters. Example 1) In a 6-player game, you would need 10 counters to go from level 1 to 2. 2) In a 5-player game, you would need 4 counters to go from level 8 to 9. 3) In a 4-player game, you would need 8 counters to go from level 5 to 6.

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