Movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Watched 20100120 @ Flight to MD
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

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I loved this movie, because I felt like I related to the main character. Working hard partially to please his parents, but also himself. While his father has trouble expressing how proud he is, but inside, he loves his son.

Another theme I liked is how the community works together. Most of the characters were likable. The fat mayor was somewhere along the lines of scary and disgusting.

Bill Hader ... Flint Lockwood (voice)
Anna Faris ... Sam Sparks (voice)
James Caan ... Tim Lockwood (voice)
Andy Samberg ... 'Baby' Brent (voice)
Bruce Campbell ... Mayor Shelbourne (voice)
Mr. T ... Earl Devereaux (voice)
Bobb'e J. Thompson ... Cal Deveraux (voice)
Benjamin Bratt ... Manny (voice)
Neil Patrick Harris ... Steve (voice)
Al Roker ... Patrick Patrickson (voice)
Lauren Graham ... Fran Lockwood (voice)
Will Forte ... Joe Towne (voice)
Max Neuwirth ... Young Flint (voice)
Peter Siragusa ... Rufus (voice)
Angela Shelton ... Regina Devereaux (voice)
Neil Flynn ... Weather News Network Producer (voice)
Liz Cackowski ... Flint's Teacher (voice)

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