Game Game of Four

Played 20100106: Josh (Josh) Kevin (Kev) Phuong (Phu) Stephanie (Step) Me (Tim)
Game of Four

The name of the game is to talk and only use words that have four or less guys from the ABC's. [words that contain four or less letters]
Like the one game that is one out of many a game that we can play with the many a part used in that game, this game of four came by way of Mark. [Like Volcano, which uses Icehouse pieces, the game of four was introduced to me by Mark]
The more you play, you will be able to talk in a way that does not seem odd. But it is fun to mess up as well. More so when you play with more than four in your crew.
I let my crew - Josh, Step, Kev, and Phu - in on this game on the car ride on the way to the area of food and it was a lot of fun. Make note, you can say, "That is what she said" in the game of four. We made a joke to play the game of four when the host asks what we want to eat. But it was only a joke and so we came to a stop with the game when the host came to ask us what we want to eat.

Look at this cool link:
Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity: In Words of Four Letters or Less

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