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Played 20100108 Josh (G:81) Kevin (R:79) Phuong (Y:71) Me (B:59). Me first. Josh won. [Pic]
Played 20100109 Josh (G:94) Stephanie (R: 74) Steve (P:64) Me (B:83). Me first. Josh won. [Pic]
Played 20100110 Josh (P:93) Daniel (Y:85) Stephanie (R:77) Me (B:102). Daniel first. I won. [NoPic]
Played 20100111 Game 1 Stephanie (R:75) Daniel (G:88) Josh (P:77) Kevin (Y:79) Me (B:90). Stephanie first. I won. [Pic]
Played 20100111 Game 2 Josh (G:89) Me (B:86). Josh first. Josh won. [Pic]
Played 20100115 Me (100) AI (83) AI (79) AI (69) AI (46). I won. [NoPic]
Played 20101229 Kevin (R:81) Josh (G:103) Steve (P:87) Me (B:73). Josh won. [The Great Wall of China] [Pic]
Played 20110101 Michael (P:71) Josh (G:97) Kevin (R:91) Me (B:114). Kevin first. I won. [The Great Wall of China][The Super Events: Tornado] 2227-2408PST 1hr41min. [Pic]
In the Year of the Dragon

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While trying to remember who played what color and such, I wanted to know what the symbols were. Various people knew, but I didn't want to call and ask them. While looking online, I saw various strategies posted on BGG. Here's the summary of them:
[To block a double privilege strategy, first block build, and then block rice. Taxes aren't a big deal for a double privilege player, because they can refill to three yuan, without worrying about taxes.]
[Priorities: Try to be first to buy that double favor. Gain 5 Yuan (1 or 2 tax collectors). Grow Rice. Fireworks for a possible 12 vps and sometimes you get 9. Research to block other people using Research. Build New Palace A first turn palace is generally worth about 12 VPs. It can be lost, but it room for losing less people. March only once and only if you need to get ahead on the Person Track. Initial person choices: Generally it is a Monk + (Soldier/Pyro). This gives me a starting 11 on the Person Track. If both of these are taken, I will choose Soldier+Pyro and look to either March or make Fireworks first turn (because the other two players will almost certainly choose Favor and Build. If these are still unavailable, I will choose Monk + Taxman and hope for a turn 1 gain 5 yuan. In all regards, your recruiting efforts must support you trying to take the lead on the PP track. You are doing it right if you are swapping first choice by landing on the first player's marker on the PP chart.]
[You only keep people in order to have options of people to throw away. Don't keep people for the sake of keeping them or for their value of 2 vp at the end of the game.]
[Single builder seems less useful than Double builder. In any case, best to build two-story palaces until games end for monk+three-story palaces.]
[As clarification, a player asked the creator, Stefan Feld, about tie breakers, and the response was, "the player on top wins!" That is, if two players are tied on the scoring track, "furthest ahead" on the person track is done just like during the game. A marker on top of another is further along the track.]
[blue] 友 means friends
[pple] 运 means luck
[red-] 未 means not
[gren] 平 means safe
[yllw] 足 means rich
[evnt] 生 means living

Though some of these were translated differently...


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