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Played 20100110 Josh (P:93) Daniel (Y:85) Stephanie (R:77) Me (B:102). Daniel first. I won.

I decided this game that Josh's buy a two dragon privilege as soon as possible strategy was worth trying. I also valued the warrior higher than the monk as Josh suggested last game, at least for starting people. As such, I choose the warrior and the tax collector. As the block containing the privilege was taken (I was third after the setup phase), I luckily was able to get free money, so 5 coin. Next turn, even though privilege was taken, so I paid 3 to use the spot and 6 to get the six privilege. Part of what allowed me to do what I did was that the first event was festival, which I decided to ignore. At some point soon, I also didn't have money to choose an action and so I used my two coin to buy a small dragon privilege. Then at some point I was consistently getting eight points, four palaces, a court lady, and three dragons.

While a benefit to going first during setup phase is choice, the benefit to going last is the ability to choose just enough to go first. This allows an immediate buying of privilege. How would then, one react to different events on the third round? Festival - ignore, Contagion - Get a two healer on the second round and a healer on the third round, Mongol invasion - Get a military dude with helmets depending on the other player setups, Taxes - Go up to three coin, Drought - have as part of your setup a rice person then either choose rice as an action or get up to three coin so that at the start of round three you can get the rice. You want to build if possible. Assuming the lead player is able to get six people at the end of the game and you have twelve (say you lost one man), then you catch up by 12 points.

From this game, I observed it's good to try and not fall too far behind. Otherwise, you give the person in front of you on the person track a lot of leeway in choosing people. Being clumped at least removes some of the advantage of that person being able to go first. The game probably favors a more balanced choice of play, even though I ignored festival in this game...

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