Game Icehouse: Martian Coasters

Played 20100119 Stephanie Daniel Me. Stephanie first. I won.
Icehouse: Martian Coasters
Icehouse: Martian Coasters page @ here
Icehouse: Martian Coasters page @ here

20100119: I've been wanting to play this one for a while. And yay, I got to play it today with Stephanie and Daniel. It's a simple game, heavy in luck due to the die, big on turn order due to the trying to screw each other over, but possibly no more than Munchkin games or Treehouse. As such, this game is probably best with two, three, or four players. But might be okay with six players, since every face of the cube is at most two faces away from another face, by that I mean adjacent faces are one face away from each other and opposite sides of a cube are two faces away from each other.

The best thing about this game are the mechanics of moving the coasters. And unlike treehouse, you tend to be able to affect other players more. It was definitely a fast game and easy to explain.

Regarding the "tip" action, it disregards the movement die, and you get seven movement points.

My last turn was a "wild" which since all my pieces were on my coaster with no obstacles, the reasonable action was to use "tip" and with the two on the center, I moved the small to the center by moving it two spaces, then the two to the top, for two movement points, and the three to the center for three points. Just enough.

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