Game Icehouse: IceSickle

Played 20100113 Stephanie (22=10+12) Me (25=11+14). Me first. Steph first. I won.
Icehouse: IceSickle
Icehouse: IceSickle page @ here
Icehouse: IceSickle page @ here (Rules)

20100113: The first move Stephanie made could have been better, and yet by the end of round one she was only one behind. I think her last placement or two could have been different during the second round, but at the end of round two, she was only two behind. As such, Stephanie could have won. Note: There are at most 30 points possible in a round. For at most 60 points possible in a game.

[Actual Post Date and Time 1/16/10 3:28 PM]

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