Game Carcassonne 20100103

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Played 20100103 Daniel (65) Stephanie (75) Me (110). Stephanie first. I won. [Basic]

Near endgame.

Stephanie and I were battling over the big farmland. There were 7 castles connected to this plot and the final move shifted it from a tie to mine (3 to 4). Had Stephanie tied, then she would have 96 points. I was prompted to try and stay ahead, because there were various areas that could have pulled Stephanie ahead. Had I let Stephanie pull ahead, I would be looking at 110 minus 21 which is 89 points. Though there was this one plot that I could have finished for Daniel and finish a cluster earlier and that would have given me an extra meeple. And I had forgot to remove a meeple on a completed castle. And I had another unused meeple. So I definitely could have played the game differently.

Final score of the game.
The score if Stephanie tied for the farmland.

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