Boules: Petanque

Played 20100101 [Daniel Stephanie] (R5:1;R6:3;R9:1) [Phuong Me] (R1:2;R2:1;R3:2;R4:2;R7:1;R8:2;R10:1;R11:2). [Phuong Me] won.
Played 20100101 [Daniel Stephanie] (R1:2;R3:1;R4:1;R9:3;R10:1;R12:3) [Phuong Me] (R2:4;R5:1;R6:1;R7:1;R8:1;R11:1;R13:1;R14:1;R15:1;R16:1). [Phuong Me] first. [Phuong Me] won.
Boules: Petanque

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Since Daniel had eight balls total, we had no choice but to play using the casual play quantity of balls, two balls per player, that makes for four balls per team. Since it had recently rained, the gravel was strongly packed and the balls rolled excessively. If it got sunny soon and we brought a rake or something to loosen the gravel just a little bit, it would be better. Just as an idea to how the gravel was, very often, there would be damp gravel stuck to our boules. I'm thinking this would not normally happen.

We couldn't draw circles if we wanted to, and the playing area was too small to have the jack be at least one metre from the boundary.
The starting team draws a circle on the ground which is 35-50 centimetres in diameter: all players must throw their boules from within this circle, with both feet remaining on the ground. The first player throws the jack 6-10 metres away; it must be at least one metre from the boundary.

This didn't come up or at all, but for future reference:

If the closest boules from each team are an equal distance from the jack, then the team that played last plays again. If the boules are still equidistant then the teams play alternately until the position changes. If the boules are still equidistant at the end of the game then no points are scored by either team.


The game continues with a player from the team that won the previous end drawing a new circle around where the jack finished and throwing the jack for a new end.

So what I would have be the rule is that, for the playing surface we had, you have to be 1 meter away from the two short ends, and 6-10 meters away from the starting position. I'm guessing perhaps the white markers are distances of 10 meters ::shrug::.

Fun game, hopefully we'll get to play again with the gravel in better condition.

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