Volleyball 20091204

So I've never played a game of volleyball in my life. That being said, there's this great place called Volleyball House where they have six courts for volleyball and I guess on Fridays are when they do drop-in play with various levels of difficulty.

What happens is you pay $6 ($5 for students) for recreational play or $7 ($6 for students) for competitive play. Then, they have this board with six or seven elastic bands spaced along the board. You put your card in a strip and six cards make a team. There are two placeholders on adjacent strips and when a game ends, the placeholder to the "left" of the other is moved to the "right."

That is to say:
R 0 0 0 0 0 L -> X X 0 0 0 0 0
L R 0 0 0 0 0 -> 0 X X 0 0 0 0
0 L R 0 0 0 0 -> 0 0 X X 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 L R -> X 0 0 0 0 0 X

Thus, every team plays twice in a row. Except perhaps the very first team of the day. But of course, teams change as people drop in and out, unless of course you have a group of people you just keep playing with, which can cause you to put your cards in a later strip for enough open spots.

If say the current markers are X X 0 0 0 0 0 and you're in the first strip with four of your friends, six cards waiting in strip three, four cards in strip four, and you just finished. So now if you were by yourself, you can just put yourself into strip four, provided other people in strip one didn't want to take the spot. But if you wanted to stay with your four friends, you guys would move to strip five and wait out an extra game. Though it's really not a big deal. There's nothing wrong with getting a breather.

Rachel, Matt, Issel, Carlos, and I decided we wanted to stay on a team together. We were joined by Brandon.

Some things I learned were:
(1) Stay more on my toes for mobility
(2) Keep your arms loose until the time calls for action. Depending on the situation, can hit with your arms in front of you, using the sides of your forearms, or above your head if it's high.
(3) If it's too high, it may be wise to let it go to the player behind you, or if you're in the back, out of bounds.
(4) Keep your eye on the ball, turning towards your teammates if necessary.
(5) If you're in the center front, you can get close to the net.
(6) Choice to serve underhand or overhand, behind the line. I hit the underhand too hard, so I can either take a step back, or learn to control the power a bit more. Or learn to do overhand I guess. ::shrug::
(7) You can't hit consecutively, but so on 1 and 3 is okay.
(8) Some calls: "Out" "Got it" "Help" "Over"
(9) Dig under the ball.

As people started leaving, there's no switching out, just switching sides. 6-on-6 became 5-on-5. 5-on-5 became 3-on-3. It was a fun night.

Check out the Volleyball House website: http://www.vbhouse.com/index.htm

Sore Spots:
Slightly skinned in two different spots near the right knee. Both towards the front left, which either means I'm diving more to the front left, or my dives in that direction are careless or uncontrolled to motions to the right.

As the right arm does the underhand serving, it is slightly bruised below the wrist where the ball comes in contact with the arm. Not bruised enough, since I can't see any purple, but contact with the area is slightly painful. Ha ha, as when touching a bruise.

I iced the area when I got home.

Thanks Rachel for taking me all the way down there! What a fun evening.
Also, Rachel, Matt, Issel, Carlos, great playing with you guys!

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  1. No problem Tim! Glad you had a good time! :o)

    Things I've learned...
    1) Yelling "I don't got it" is not only unacceptable in grammar (double negative), it can royally piss of your teammates. Bad news. :p
    2) It's a falacy that an almost six foot tall white woman can play center. And when the other team knows this, they aim the ball right to her. Again, see number 1.
    3) It's impossible for me to have one day when I don't attempt to play a sport and come home uninjured. My finger is swollen and bruised. Volleyball 1, Rachel 0.

    :o) It was a great time! :o)