Note: Getting Sick

The majority of me knew this was coming, but the adventurous part of me let it happen.

Fact: The cold weather is the main cause of the runny nose, which runs down and causes the sore throat, which is irritating and causes a fever. Pop in some Benadryl allergy & cold, gurgle salt water, drink lots of water, have some good friends, eat chicken noodle soup, and eat some tangerines makes things all better.

Hindsight/Partial Truth/Would Avoiding Any of these Have Helped?
(1) So on Thursday, I start off capoeira very relaxed. And Pescador, my capoeira instructor, he can tell something's wrong, so he asks, "You okay Mosca?" And typical of my first response, is "Yeah, I'm good." But Pescador knows I don't want him to worry, and he asks again. So this time I tell him, "I'm just taking it easy today." And so he says, "Now that's what I wanted to here." And I was being honest, because at the time I didn't know I was sick; I just knew I wanted to come to practice, take some pictures, and play some instruments. In general, take it easy. But I have this problem when it comes to capoeira: typically, when I only want to come and play instruments or take it easy, I end up doing some major capoeira anyways, and on this day, I'm participating most of the time. I do skip out on sit-ups and push-ups.

Now, so what happened, well I decided to wear my capoeira uniform, because although I didn't want to train, I thought I should still follow the rules of class and come to class dressed in uniform. But that's just a set-up to feeling I should train.

(2) On Friday, it's volleyball, which I can't wait to do again. I really thought I would only watch. Next thing I knew, I was on the court, having fun from about 9 to 12 PM.

Again, I put a pair of shorts in my back pack, just in case I decide to play. Again, my adventurous side set myself up.

(3) It's Saturday. I go to parkour, just to watch. And I'm actually wearing my clothes already. But, I also know I did volleyball the day before, and will have a capoeira performance in the afternoon. So I really just watch.

On the other hand, when the rain first turned to snow, I thought it was wise to go outside and stand there for a bit. It was probably at most one minute, but that couldn't have been good.

(4) Later that Saturday, the capoeira performance is where I tend to use quite a bit of energy. The singing too. It's hard on the throat. In fact, it may be coincidence, but the last time I got sick, sometime in June, was soon after a capoeira performance. That also started with a sore throat. Though the time in June lasted much longer than this.

Answer: I think singing not so loudly would have helped. That Saturday was cold and my nose had began to run. Irritating the throat isn't a good thing, especially because for the last dozen or so times I've been sick, it's the same old story: runny nose, sore throat, fever. But I certainly don't blame any activity or anybody, because it's definitely nice, as it turned out, just to have that day of sickness, which allowed me to get excess amounts of sleep (excess relative to a normal day) and excess amounts of water (again relative to a normal day). It's a free skip-class-for-a-reason card. Though I lucked out in it's short duration, as opposed to last June where I was tossing and turning for so many days it felt like an eternity.

[Actual Post Date and Time 20091208 5:35 PM]
Next up on the adventure list: Line dancing!

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