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So this week has been busy, and so instead of participating in parkour lessons today, I just watched. I could have stayed at home, but having hung out with John for the last two Saturdays, I felt that joining him on the travel down to D.C. was a reasonable thing to do. Yay podcasts! Anyways, here's the transcription of what transpired.

First, there was the heavy rain, so there was no running around the premises this week. I wasn't around for the beginning of class, so there might have been one or two exercises that I don't have transcribed.

Even practicing Parkour in this "controlled" environment requires caution.

Jumping actions (in place, front-to-back, side-to-side...)
Side QM
(?) Bunny QM

Precision Trainers are the name for the wooden H pieces I described in previous posts.
(1) All seven precision trainers were equally spread apart a strides distance and the first exercise is just to run across the trainers.
-RLRLRLR or LRLRLRL (L for Left, R for Right)
-Stay on the ball of your toes
-Try to land in the center (forward and backwards orientation) of the precision trainer
-As always, try to make the movement quiet as possible (though through practice, everybody got more and more quiet as the day progressed)
-Try to move as if you were just running on flat land. In particular, don't stiffen your legs. You might think this helps, but it makes things worse.
(2) The center precision trainer is removed and now the goal is to start with the left, land on the first precision trainer with the right, left, and then jump onto the third trainer. Stick the landing. Jump off. Repeat on the next three trainers, but starting with the right foot, landing on the first precision trainer in the second set with the left, right, and then jump onto the last trainer. Stick the landing. Jump off.
-RLB LRB or LRB RLB (B for Both)
-Instead of running from the second to the third in each set, turn the second to the third into a jump
-When you land onto the third, bend down into a squat to reduce your forward momentum
-As with the first exercise, bending your knees helps stability, and if you straighten your legs, you're forward momentum will just force you to fall past the third precision trainer
(3) The next use of the precision trainers returned to the running, but varied in the spacing
-Some people caused the precision trainers to move during the exercise, and this was due a lack of precision. If one were to land in the correct position, the trainer would not move, or at least not move much.
(4) Now the precision trainers were spaced equally but there was a change in heights.
-Four trainers: Floor Low Low Medium
-At first, you should check out the surfaces. Get a feel for how the trainers feel on top of these steps.
-Five trainers: Floor Low Low Medium High
-Reversed direction, jump onto the high, and run down.
-Six trainers: Floor Low Low Medium High Highest Mat
(5) Rolling
-Make use of your arm to reduce the impact on your shoulder.
-Rolling was also done without the mats, so on top of just the foam, which is softer than concrete, but harder than the mats. This is just done one or two times to get a feel of what might need to be fixed with your roll. The mats sort of cover for some of your mistakes.
(6) Standing Roll
-Same as a roll, except from a standing position. But basically same idea
(7) Jumping off a small platform, absorb some impact, but transfer the momentum to a run by rolling
-When coming off the platform, raise the knees in order to prepare bending your knees on landing. If you did not raise your knees first, I guess somehow the ability to bend your knees upon landing is harder.
-Landing, you don't want to bend too far, otherwise you would lose a lot of momentum, what would be the point then to roll. Also, it might not be enough to reduce all the momentum
-Knees bending just enough to act as a spring, you change the energy from the landing into a roll (so close to a standing roll) and at the end of the roll, you get up and run
-Thus, while at first you take it slowly in pieces, the result should be a dynamic move.

Cool Down:
Head stretches
Arm stretches

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