Note: Settlers of Catan

Part of why I don't find this game enjoying, is because I have played far fewer games than the crew. So for example, every time I play Cities and Knights, I hardly know how I should distribute my resources into Knights and such. There's also those flip cards, I don't even know what expansion they're from, but basically, I spend more time re-learning the rules than building strategy.

Note, however, that in fact Settlers was one of the first games I bought when I got to Maryland, because I liked playing it with the crew. So I guess if I think about it, I like the basic game, and would probably like the expansions more if I got to read the rules. In the past, I've only had the rules explained to me.

In any case, I made this note because it's come up recently and while comparing games to Settler, Settler lost against to most things except 52 Card Pickup, but that's quite harsh and really I like Settler as I described in the second paragraph.

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