Capoeira 20091203

The below is intended to be review for those who attended class. It is NOT intended to be instructional. Corrected "quexada" to "queixada" (prior to 20100918). Replaced "mid troca" with "esquiva baixa." Corrected "gelato" to "de lado." Corrected "ponche" to "ponte."

One of the "Down the floor" sequences:

Check out raw movie clips of today's open roda at the end of class.
Just click the link below and open the folder marked 20091203:

Jump in place
Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks, forward and back
Other jumping activities
Spread your legs and bend over
Stretch to the right
Stretch to the left
Back to the center
Right leg behind (quad stretch)
To the side
In front
Cross on knee and stretch arms forward (standing on one leg)
Go down and bring right leg up (like fake au stretch)
Do the other leg
In partners: side split, splits, ponte (back bend)
Ginga, step forward and back
Ginga, turn the above into more of a fake

Down the floor:
In partners: Esquiva baixa, switch to negativa, role, au
Turn to the side, prepping for queixada. Instead, turn the queixada into a martelo. Finish back. Turn to the other side and repeat. Moving down the floor accomplished only during that initial step forward with the back leg that leads into queixada.

Main Sequence:
In partners: Person A fakes the queixada and throws a martelo. Person B esquiva baixa to dodge the queixada but switches to a an esquiva de lado to avoid the martelo.
-Person A should change it up by occasionally doing a regular queixada. Otherwise Person B is not actually reacting to a kick, only dodging by default.
-Another option for Person A is to change the type of queixada. One is to turn and then queixada. Another is to take a step with the front leg instead of the turn. Then step forward with the back leg as usual. This causes Person B's rhythm to be thrown off, and possibly not even giving them time to go into an esquiva baixa.
-Person A, say left foot is in front, turns and then makes a clockwise twist, putting them in a position to kick with their right leg, instead of kicking with their left after stepping forward with the right leg. Not only does this confuse the person already, but throw in the martelo instead of the queixada, and things will be quite confusing.
-Person B can also drop backwards, i.e., go into the spider position. Since the momentum is, when you go into an esquiva, you were pretty certain to dodge in that direction. Say you go into esquiva baixa to the right. To twist back to the left to avoid a queixada that became an esquiva is actually quite hard. So instead, quickly following through but falling back into the spider. Now your upper body is away from the kick, regardless of whether the person decided to stick with queixada or throw a martelo at you.
-Person B might have a chance to take down Person A, because the fake requires a slight pause in the sideways position. However, such a take down is rather risky and probably best avoided.

Roda: Restricted to the above movement.

Roda: Open.

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