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"The adventure begins... (11/05/2009)
Griffiths & Harris [GH] Principles of Alg Geom
[GH,1] total differential -> Shigeyuki Morita
[M] Geometry of Differential Forms
[M,57] Vector space [...]"

Moleskine: Squared Soft Notebook - Pocket


  1. That's quite a math grimoire you have there. I've taken to using LyX for wysiwyg latex equation editing.

  2. Haha, yes, it's fun to treat it as such. I wouldn't ever expect anybody to read it. I'm not sure if I even expect myself ever to read it. A friend not in the math department saw a page of it one day and said it looked like hieroglyphics!

    One of the graduate students in my program takes lecture notes and writes up his homework using LyX. I'm glad you mentioned it, or else I would not have remembered to download it. Though at the moment, the laptop I have is large and heavy, making a pocket moleskine more convenient in comparison for note taking.

    However, perhaps upon completing the moleskine's pages I would consider summarizing key facts from my math "adventure" using LyX. I just finished downloading and installing the program. I don't think I have time today to try it out, but I did skim the tutorial. I've played around with TeX before; from what I hear, LyX should make certain actions easier.


  3. I started with an earlier version and had to get used to it's idiosyncrasies, but I think it's the best thing out there. Make sure the math and math panel toolbars are checked. Mathematicians were a mysterious and secretive centuries ago. Probably alchemists on the side.