Disc Golf 20090724

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Hungtington Beach Disc Golf Course (Yelp.com)

Our first time playing. I bought a disc. We all shared a putter. Interestingly, the next time I played was almost exactly two years later: 20110721.

With the exception of the first, second, and tenth holes, Stephanie started from the red tee, which is closer than the blue tee. I started from the red tee on holes 5, 9, 11, and 16. The blue tees are marked with an A on the map and the red tees are marked with a B. On the score sheet, I wrote B next to the tees on which Stephanie or I started from the red tee.

Our final scores are 96 (Josh), 82 (Phuong), 102 (Stephanie), and 96 (Tim).

Though we didn't adjust for taking scores of 6. In that case our final scores are 94 (Josh), 81 (Phuong), 93 (Stephanie), and 93 (Tim).

Under the assumption that starting from the red tee saves one throw (this was generally the case when we were playing on 20110721), and still not allowing to go over 6, further adjusted final scores are 94 (Josh), 81 (Phuong), 101 (Stephanie), and 96 (Tim).

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