Movie Superman Returns (2006)

Released 20060628.
Watched 20060706 Theatre. Century 20 Huntington Beach [SUPERMAN RETURN] 5:45 PM $7.25
Watched once more on DVD.
Superman Returns (2006) Bryan Singer. 154 min

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20060806: [20110122]
I remember liking this movie a lot. I recall even putting it close to Batman Begins (2005). Superman Returns < Batman Begins < The Dark Knight (2008). Though when Iron Man (2008) came out, I feel like I enjoyed that more than Superman Returns. So I'd have Superman Returns < Iron Man < Batman Begins. Note: If there is ever a contradiction of rankings, then keep in mind that my opinions are subject to change at any moment.

Critics on the other hand have differing opinions. This is reasonable, as I imagine the more movies one watches, a particular movie has to have substantially more substance to stand out from the rest.

In any case, the movie has left a positive impression on my mind, and one day I'll watch the movie again and see if my opinions of it have changed.

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