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I was looking for an anime which Ada and I watched together. Looking through various available shows, I came up with two choices: Death Note and Your lie in April. While I had read and seen parts of Death Note before and knew it was interesting, I had no idea how good/bad Your lie in April would be. However, being more of a romance series, I figured Ada would like it better.

Sure enough, she picked the romance genre (over the thriller). We also both enjoyed it; we watched six whole episodes, before stopping because we had other things to do.

The series thus far has an incredible story. I can't wait to watch the rest.

We watched the first six episodes.

(Japanese audio, English subtitles)
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We watched from S1E07 to S1E09.

(Japanese audio, English subtitles)

We watched S1E10 and S1E11.

(Japanese audio, English subtitles)

We watched from S1E12 to S1E15. Ada watched S1E16 while I returned to working.

(Japanese audio, English subtitles)

I watched S1E16.

(Japanese audio, English subtitles)

Ada and I watched S1E17.

(Japanese audio, English subtitles)

Ada and I watched the remaining 5 episodes (S1E18 to S1E22).

By the end of Kousei's performance, we both figured Kaori would not survive.

When Kaori revealed her lie in April, I was absolutely surprised.

As for Ada, she shed some tears at some point near the end of Kaori's letter to Kousei.

Overall, "Your lie in April" was an amazing series.

There was a little ambiguity with respect to where Kousei and Tsubaki stood by the end of the series. While I was hoping through the last several episodes that their relationship would be resolved, the ambiguity does make for a better ending. After all, Kousei had strong feelings for Kaori, and those feelings weren't just going to suddenly disappear. And then there's also the fact that they're just fourteen years old.

(Japanese audio, English subtitles)

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