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Although finishing episode 220 would have been a good place to stop, I strangely formed a desire continue with Naruto Shippuden. And, like with Naruto, I decided to just watch the dubbed versions so that I can multitask. Note, however, that Viz only has dubbed versions of episodes 1-97.

I was wondering about why Lady Tsunade had to listen to the Elders and an answer on a Q/A webpage essentially said a Hokage is the highest position a ninja can obtain, but must still discuss with the Feudal Lords and the Elders on certain matters.

20170328 PM: Episodes 059-064
20170405 PM: Episodes 065-071
20170406 AM: Episode 072
20170406 PM: Episodes 073-074
20170407 AM: Episodes 075-087
20170407: Episodes 088-097

Today I reached the point on Viz where the Shippuden episodes were only available Subtitled (Episode 98 and onward). I was watching one episode after another, but stopped watching after I completed Episode 98. I'll mark episodes viewed as such with JAES (Japanese Audio, English Subtitles).

20170407: Episode 098, JAES
20170408: Episode 099, JAES
20170409: Episodes 100-101, JAES
20170623: Episodes 102-108, JAES
20170911: Episodes 109-117, JAES
20170912: Episodes 117-120, JAES

Episodes 119 and 120 (Kakashi when he was younger) are great episodes, especially because Kakashi is a great character.

20170913: Episode 121, JAES
20171215 AM: Episodes 122-124, JAES
20171216 PM: Episodes 124-133, JAES

Episode 001:
1: Hahahaha. New "Pervy Ninjutsu"
1: "Tsunade Junior"
1=20170318 AM

Episode 002:
1=20170318 AM

Episode 003:
1: Lol. I was oblivious to that. ("Start")
1: Oh wow. Sakura's punch.
1: What's more interesting is that Kakashi doessn't know.
1: "Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death"
1: Good thing Naruto has Sakura to break the genjutsu.
1: Haha, he's learned some things across the years.
1: Nooo... I gotta watch to the end of the battle versus Kakashi.
1=20170318 AM

Episode 004:
1: Cute. (Exposing Kakashi's weakness)
1=20170318 AM

Episode 005:
1: Team Kakashi

Episode 006:
1: Ha! Naruto explains why his headband and clothes changed. (I was vaguely wondering about it an episode or two ago)

Episode 007:
1: "If you ask me it's about time you became a jonin. It wouldn't be such a problem if you stopped complaining about what a drag everything is." "What a drag."

Episode 008:

Episode 009:

Episode 010:
1: Hehe. She checks to see if she won as an omen.

Episode 011:

Episode 012:

Episode 013:
1: Lol. "That sword, it's yours right?"
1: So... the question will be if Naruto can recognize the genjutsu.

Episode 014:
1: Very good training on Jiraiya's part.

Episode 015:

Episode 016:
1: I don't really pay attention to this episode, even after attempting to watch parts of it several times over [I eventually read the episode summary]

Episode 017:

Episode 018:
1: Lol. Lee speaks loudly into the mic.
1: All that grunting.
1: "Hey, we should do it too." Everybody denies Naruto the pleasure.

Episode 019:
1: I would figure out if switching opponents is advantageous. Though each clone is made from a different element so that could be the answer as well.
1: Is it a genjutsu?
1=20170320 AM

Episode 020:
Episode 021:
1: Holy crap. That's awesome. (Using Sakura)
1=20170320 AM

Episode 022:
1: At the end of the episode extra, Kakashi points out his students essentially each split up and became students of the legendary Sannin: Naruto with Jiraiya, Sakura with Tsunade, and Sasuke with Orochimaru (well Kakashi says he doesn't know what Sasuke is up to, but essentially that's the implication).
1=20170320 AM

Episode 023:
1: That's creepy. Hugging yourself with puppets in the likeness of your parents.
1=20170320 AM

Episode 024:
1: She's bluffing. [Called it]
1=20170320 AM

Episode 025:

Episode 026:

Episode 027:
1: She tells him she already healed the injury itself.
1: Reanimation Ninjutsu.
1: Interesting. She was originally designing that Ninjutsu for him.

Episode 028:
1: Is he going to suggest that they fight like someone else?
1: Lol. He suggests that they have to be stronger than they were. "Stronger than we were yesterday."
1: Though the fact that there's some sort of jutsu that can make a clone of equal power as someone is, in hindsight, nearly overpowered.

Episode 029:
1: Interesting Jutsu. He has to keep his other eye closed.
1: Holy shit. What a powerful jutsu.
1: "I missed."
1=20170324 AM

Episode 030:
1=20170324 AM

Episode 031:
1=20170324 PM

Episode 032:
1: While a lot of the village is happy, there definitely exists doubters and haters among the crowd.
1: Lol. Rock Lee wants to carry Negi.
1=20170324 PM

Episode 033:
1: By now she just assume he's listening. Hahaha.
1=20170325 AM

Episode 034:
1=20170325 AM

Episode 035:
1: Interesting that Jiraiya should let the fourth tail grow during training.

Episode 036:
1: Lol. He told Naruto about Jiraiya's near-deathh incident with Lady Tsunade.

Episode 037:
1: Ha, his nightmare.

Episode 038:

Episode 039:

Episode 040:

Episode 041:
1=20170326 AM

Episode 042:
1: Although the scale of the battle is large, it's not that fun to watch. In particular, I dislike the chasing portion - when the beast's extended arms were chasing after Orochimaru. I was similarly bored back when Naruto and Kakashi were chasing Deidara and when Gaara was chasing Deidara (with his sand).
1a=20170326 AM, 1b=20170326*
*Japanese audio, English subtitles because the website was having problems loading the dubbed version.

Episode 043:
1: Lol. From a physics standpoint. It'd require a lot of force near the point of rotation to keep such a long blade lifted.
1=20170326 4PM

Episode 044:
1: Dang. I assume the red on his hands and face is cause his skin is burned off. Ouch.
1: A bit strange that a jutsu can only be inherited... but if they say so.
1=20170326 9PM

Episode 045:
1=20170326 PM

Episode 046:
1=20170326 PM

Episode 047:
1=20170326 PM

Episode 048:
1: Meh. Naruto's anger at this point is annoying, similar to how annoying Ichigo got in the later episodes of BLEACH. Arguably worse.
1=20170326 PM

Episode 049:
1: Ah. Does this lead back to the first episode then?
1=20170327 AM

Episode 050:
1: OMG. "I don't understand." Really? Actually, I'm more surprised by Captain Yamato's surprise.
1=20170327 PM

Episode 051:
1: Hmm. That book doesn't exactly have to be all his executions. It could just be a community hit list.
1=20170327 PM

Episode 052:
1=20170327 PM

Episode 053:
1: I wonder if Orochimaru stopping Sasuke suggests that Orochimaru is stronger than Sasuke. Perhaps it just means Orochimaru has a psychological leverage on Sasuke.
1=20170327 PM

Episode 054:
1: Hahaha. "I understand. Thanks for the advice, Ugly."
1: Lol. Says the opposite. So in truth he thinks Ino is also ugly.
1=20170328 AM

Episode 055:
Episode 056:
1: Huh? I thought the point was that if one of them got it, then he could just combine the experience...
1=20170328 AM

Episode 057:
1=20170328 AM

Episode 058:
1=20170328 AM

Episode 062:
1: Lol. Rock Lee comes in. "Ahhhh. Who decided to forge bonds of comradeship in a mighty meeting of fists." Lands. Jumps. "And forgot to invite Rock Lee!?!" Joins the brawl.
1=20170328 PM

Episode 064:
1: Great save by Naruto.
1=20170328 PM

Episode 074:
1: I was wondering how a powerful ninja monk like Chiriku would be defeated. I guess what I mean is if a person like him was defeated, then how many ninja left in the world could possibly look to defeat those opponents. [Thankfully, at least to some extent, at least Asuma was surprised by Chiriku's defeat as well.]
1: Hehe. Kakashi does it one hand.
1=20170406 PM

Episode 075:
1: Lol. Why is Naruto upset? After all, Master Jiraiya can do it too.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 078:
1: This episode makes it clear how this enemy has been destroying powerful ninja such as Chiriku.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 079:
1: Blah. Really?
1=20170407 AM

Episode 081:
1: Hehe. Sai feigns putting down Naruto.
1: Lol. "I'm really starting to take a liking to you kiddo." Freaks Naruto out.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 087:
1: Lol. Tsunade jokes that Shikamaru expends energy in order to look bored.
1: "Wind Style. Rashen Shuriken." That looks awesome. I'm tempted to watch one more episode.
1=20170407 AM

Episode 089:
1: Shikamaru's dad asks him if he knows who the king is and Shikamaru responds
1: It seems like Shikamaru's dad already knows the answer. As a double whammy, Shikamaru's dad also beats him (at Shogi).

Episode 095:
1: It's really interesting that Naruto would prefer to try and work with Gamatatsu who has no jutsu instead of Gamariki

Episode 103:
1: Ino struggles

Episode 104:
1: Holy crap, how many Rasengans is that? [Apparently the technique is called "Ultra-Many Spiralling Serial Spheres" - at least according to the Naruto wiki]

Episode 105:
1: I don't understand their tactic. Certainly they should have searched for their opponents, but tat the same time, I think keeping closer to the lake would have been reasonable.

Episode 106:
1: Giant Rasengan.

Episode 107:
1: Lol. Mini Three-Tails.
1: "And I'm that Jinchuriki!"
1: I was confused the first time I heard the lines spoken, but now I understand: "If I hadn't told him such a thing..." Flashback to "The place where someone thinks of you, that's where home is." [...] Back to present. "You told him?" [When I first heard her say it, it seemed like she was accusing him of something.]

Episode 111:
1: Why did Guren have to sacrifice herself in that way? (though she must be alive since the flower is still encased in crystal)
1: Quite a surprise: Gamakichi can use fire style.

Episode 114:
1: Dang. Anesthetic within his blood.
1: "Which one... are you now?" "Which one... do you think?"

Episode 117:
1b: Haha. Naruto won the grand prize (with three tickets) but wanted the ramen. Kakashi wanted the grand prize and had a lot of tickets.

Episode 121:
1: Cute. Naruto speaks like his master.
1: Aww... Jiraiya gives Naruto his last piece of meat (and it distracts Naruto from their present conversation)
1: I wonder who the squad leaders are.
1: That ending is great: Hinata says "Naruto" in several different ways.

Episode 122:
1: Oh wow. Kabuto absorbed Orochimaru.

Episode 123:
1: Good to see Sasuke fighting again.

Episode 124:
1a: Doesn't make sense. If Tobi can run from the attack, then Sasuke should be able to also.
1a: Huh. He trained his left eye to counter the Sharingan.
1b: How can he fly if his left wing is just snakes.
1b: Oh man. What a terrible ultimate (self-detonation).
1a=20171216 AM, 1b=20171216 PM

Episode 125:
1: Wow. Sasuke's resourcefulness and quick-thinking
1: It has yet to be revealed if Tobi survived, and I knew he probably should survive. But then I realized he definitely survived because his ability is shifting to another dimension.

Episode 128:
1: That's an interesting ending. That Naruto is named after Jiraiya's character.

Episode 129:
1: New opening credits.
1: New closing credits. I like the previous one!

Episode 130:
1: They show us Tobi has a Sharingan.
1: Ha. Jiraiya flirts with the girls and then says "I'm not giving up, that's my ninja way."

Episode 132:
1: Oh my goodness. I'm glad he retreated. 1) It seems like the tactically smart move. 2) I'm not ready for Jiraiya to die.
1: Hmm. There's a scene where the three are back to back. But given their shared eyesight, they should face each other. Lol.
1: Lol. The interview between Naruto and Jaraiya was funny.

Episode 133:
1: ;_;

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