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The show can, from time to time, be strange to watch, but most of the time, it's funny and clever. It's also nice, as one who enjoys proper grammar and the intricacies of language, to watch a story that often makes language and language use a focal point.

After finishing episode 8, Ada and I went back to episode 7 to look at the photo and see who their parents would be, if not the couple that was continuously shown to us.

As of 20171215, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 76% match. Three days ago, it was determined to be an 89% match. This piques my interest, because I completed the entire first season and I thought a recommendation algorithm would prioritize such behavior. In any case, I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

S1E01: The Bad Beginning: Part One

S1E02: The Bad Beginning: Part Two
1b: resume this episode at 30 min mark where I last stoped watching
1b: lol that hourglass bit
1a=20170118, 1b = 20170207

S1E03: The Reptile Room: Part One
1: Olaf confirms Piano picture
1: Some good humor
1: Preview
1: Citizen kane

S1E04: The Reptile Room: Part Two
1 = 20170209
1: "Meanwhile back at the ranch..."
1: "Maybe they're upset about the murder."
1: Cool narrative decision on the rewind.

S1E05: The Wide Window: Part One
1: "I am married to the sea but my girlfriend is a large lake."
1: "Land ho!" "I told you to stop calling me that."
1: Mentions Snicket.
1: Same book as judge ended up looing at. Incomplete History of Secret Organizations
1: Lol Captain sham's stor
1 = 20170209

S1E06: The Wide Window: Part Two
1 = 20170214

S1E07: The Miserable Mill: Part One
1 = 20170216

S1E08: The Miserable Mill: Part Two
1: Aww... how sad. (Different doors)
1: Ah, interesting they should both end up at the boarding school.
1: Not particularly fond of the song at the end. Doesn't seem to really fit. But sure, why not.
1 = 20170216

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

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