Drink New Braunfels Spread Eagle

New Braunfels Spread Eagle

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20160519: [20160708 Edit]
The Spread Eagle was amazing. It was sour - the kind that isn't bitter - and packed with a cherry flavor. 6:04PM CT.

20160522: [20160708 Edit]
Today I had the pleasure of drinking more of the Spread Eagle. It's amazingly good.

Website Information:
Spread Eagle
Doppel Saur Berliner Dunkel Weiss

Spread Eagle is our DoppleSaur Berliner Dunkel Weiss. What??? It is a soaring, screaming saur experience. We add our house lactobacillus culture twice to produce a predatory level of saur flavors that will rip your tastebuds to shreds. Spread your wings, party your lips, and wet your beak.

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