Drink Fort Point / Freigeist Manzanita

Fort Point / Freigeist Manzanita

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With pictures and notes, I was ready to prepare this post. Unfortunately, there was a small piece of information missing: the name. It's certainly happened before, one of the three pieces goes missing (pictures, notes, name) and when it comes to beer, missing the name is the worst one to lose. Fortunately, it was just hiding on one of my sheets of paper on which I jotted down my concert notes.

In my notepad I wrote the following: "Waiting in line at the beer stand. Wonder what I'll miss @ Florence + the Machine. #2 Smoked Altbier. After Ship to Wreck: Raise It Up. [8 lines] The beer's flavor profile becomes a bit sour. A bit, but not like a sour beer. More like the flavor from a dark, sour-tasting stout."

Meanwhile, with some overlap, I wrote the following: "The beer has a chocolate smell and a stout taste. Maybe it tastes smoked - as suggested by it's name. I arrived at Florence + the Machine at 8:21PM. They probably finished one song, maybe two. This beer has a decent amount of carbonation. It has a dark smell. Next song: Ship to Wreck. The beer has a light brown, yellow color." 8:25PM PT.

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ABV: 6.5%

IBUS: 16

Manzanita is a deep ruby colored ale with strikingly complex campfire smoke and firewood aromas. Beechwood smoked malt contributes an upfront roastiness while charred manzanita branches add hints of perfume and a slightly tannic woody finish.

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