Concert 20160527 Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids

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Cold War Kids at BottleRock 2016 (*
*Added #5, #8, #9, and #11-13 to setlist on 20160602.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Cold War Kids is an all-around solid band and was just different enough from most of the other rock bands to separate themselves from the pack. As such, I had a mental note to see them if the opportunity arose.

Excellent: Hang Me Up to Dry {2} [nice use of disharmony in the middle]; First {2};
Above Average: Audience [strong beat/hook]; Louder Than Ever; We Used to Vacation;
Slightly Above Average: All This Could Be Yours; Miracle Mile; One Song at a Time; Hot Coals; Something Is Not Right With Me;
On the Fence: Mexican Dogs; Drive Desperate; Hospital Beds;

1) All This Could Be Yours [AA]
-- I fell asleep between All This Could be Yours and Audience.
2) [ Miracle Mile]
3) [ Louder Than Ever]
4) [ Hot Coals]
5) Audience [E2]
6) Hang Me Up to Dry [E3]

7) We Used to Vacation [AA]
8) Royal Blue -- I let a song go unnoticed here and highly suspect that it is Royal Blue
9) Drive Desperate [SAA]
10) First [E2]
11) Hospital Beds [AA]
12) Saint John [SAA]
13) Something is Not Right with Me [AA]

Post-Festival Thoughts:
As Cold War Kids mainly overlapped with Particle and Black Pistol Fire, I decided to relax near the Midway Stage and caught their entire set - except for the time in between where I fell asleep. Was heading over to the Midway Stage early and missing Michael Franti perform Say Hey (I Love You)* worth it? I'm not absolutely sure, but they're a good band and I don't regret the choice.

*I actually don't know yet if he performed this song, but it's highly probably.

Excellent: Hang Me Up to Dry {2}; Audience {2};
Above Average: All This Could Be Yours; Miracle Mile; Louder Than Ever; We Used to Vacation [I like the sound of this song, but have no idea what it means]; First; Royal Blue
Slightly Above Average: Hot Coals; Something is Not Right with Me; One Song at a Time;

On the Fence: Drive Desperate; Hospital Beds [the second half is more exciting than the first half]; Saint John;
Slightly Below Average: Minimum Day;

For the most part, my post-festival listening session yielded higher or equal ratings compared to my pre-festival listening session; the only exception was with 'First.'

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