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Overview: The visual novel Fate/stay night has three routes, and this anime is an adaption of the Unlimited Blade Works route (original release 2014-2015).

Normally I set the audio/subtitles settings to Japanese vocals and English subtitles but I was busy doing some other things and decided to switch to English vocals and no subtitles. I ultimately watched the remainder of the series under the same settings.

Rin Tohsaka (Mela Lee)

After the fourth episode, I wanted to keep going and watch the rest, but I decided to go to sleep (I couldn't posssibly watch another 21 episodes straight anyways).

Ada and I started this series today.

Today we watched the next two episodes (episode one and episode two).

First Season

E0 Prologue:
A: "I didn't know you came to school this early." As she walks away, "Was that... his way of saying hello?"
A: Ha, what weird character relationships.
A: I see, that's why she went to observe the practices.
A: An hour early.
A: Command seals are explained in the following scene.
A: Ha. Clean the living room.
B: Ada remarked how Archer was Rin's servant.
A: "Archer, handle the landing."
B: This was an amazing fight.
A: "It's her, it's the Saber"
A=20160213, B=20171002

Archer (Jun'ichi Suwabe, Kaiji Tang)

E1 Winter Days, A Fateful Night:
A: Interesting powers.
A: It becomes apparent that this episode starts at the same time as the start of the previous episode.
A: "I didn't know you came to school this early."
A: Interesting, it seems like it currently acts like a shield. B: ?
B: He unrolled the piece of paper.
A: Oh okay. Interesting. "Saber"
A: "What is wrong, Lancer?"
A: "You must be Ireland's child of light."
A: Well, that seems fair. She saved his life and now he will have spared hers.
A=20160214 AM Hours, B=20171014

E2 The Curtain Goes Up:
A: Lol. "I see, you're exactly how you look, super honest."
A: "This is not the first time I've been summoned to this era." "No way, what are the odds of that?"
A: What? I thought Archer returned Tosaka's necklace to her. B: Ada remarked that Archer returned the necklace to Rin. Yes, in fact, by this time, Archer will have already returned the same looking necklace to Rin. I just told Ada that it was an important detail.
B: Watching this episode now after Fate/Zero makes it so different.
A: This episode serves almost entirely for background.
A: Debt? But she already saved him. Though giving him the chance to recoup is reasonable. B: I suppose she puts on a front that she's in his debt, but deep inside she doesn't want to hurt him.
A=20160214 AM Hours, B=20171014

Shrio Emiya (Bryce Papenbrook)

E3 The First Battle:
A: "Time to kill you. Okay, go get them Berserker."
A=20160214 AM Hours

E4 Finding the Will to Fight:
A: Self-healing.
A: Some more backstory.
A=20160214 AM Hours

E5 Dancing After School:
A: Ha, he doesn't get how much she is conflicted on liking him enough not to kill him.
A: A truce.
A: I'm confused, does it matter whether or not it was his birth father? I thought he was adopted
A: "Trace on."
A=20160214 Afternoon

Lancer (Tony Oliver)

E6 Mirage:
A: "I am the Bone of my Sword"
A=20160214 Afternoon

E7 The Reward for a Fight to the Death:
A: Damn, Archer is just full of fight.
A=20160214 Afternoon

E8 Winter Days, Where the Heart Is:
A: Lol. That's a dream? I'd hate to know what his nightmares are like. Unless something was lost in translation.
A: The swap of saber and archer classes does make for an interesting story.
A: I wonder what "rider" means as a class.
A: In any case, we've met a hero of each class: archer, lancer, saber, berserker, caster, assassin, and rider. Though as we know, the assassin we met is Caster's servant, not a mage's servant.
A=20160214 Afternoon

E9 The Distance Between Them:
A: Mysterious priest
A: Lol. There are other ways... hahahaha.
A: Ha. Boobs.
A=20160214 Afternoon

E10 The Fifth Contractor:
A: Damn. What a show of hidden power.
A: Confusing ending...
A=20160214 Evening

E11 A Visitor Approaches Lightly:
A: Lol. Rin and Saber agreeing.
A: The mixed pairing between Archer/Tosaka and Saber/Emiya continues.
A: Hmm. Is she angry because of the mismatch between her/Archer and Emiya/Saber?
A=20160214 Evening

Soichiro Kuzuki (Lex Lang) and Saber (Kari Wahlgren)

E12 The Final Choice:
A: What!!! He has a servant and his servant is Lancer!
A: Hmm. He talks a lot, but it's technically his fault that Saber is in the situation she's in.
A=20160214 Evening

Second Season

A: "I got irritated." (in her sleep)
A: "Now come down so I can kick your ass!"
A: King of Caucas. His daughter.
A: Obviously he has some sleight of hand or plan in mind.
A: "I always side with the most powerful." I don't believe his words.
A: I wonder if they'll be able to switch at some point. Saber matched with Rin and Archer matched with Emiya.
A: Oh, that's what got me confused in E2: he somehow has a pendant just like the one she has.
A: Rin...
A=20160214 Evening


A: It seems the priest also concealed his Lancer servant in the past
A: And that caster was just as wicked in the past.
A=20160214 Evening

A: So Berserker is Hercules.
A: Damn, that makes the other guy seem overpowered.
A=20160215 AM Hours

A: You can't save other people if you're dead...
A=20160215 AM Hours

Gilgamesh (David Vincent)

A: Rin reveals cryptic information about the pendant.
A: "I am... the Bone of my Sword."
A: "Trace on." - Archer
A=20160215 AM Hours

A: Hmm, Archer talks about mana. I wonder if Rin could transfer her mana. I thought that was her abilities.
A: Ah okay, or that. Lol. Partial points for believing in the switch in E13.
A: "What did you and Rin do to secure his allegiance. What manner of spell did you use?"
A=20160215 AM Hours

A: Hmm... but then what was Emiya's catalyst for Saber? [This is alluded to in E20, but I looked it up and found a thread which answers the question, possibly with spoilers]
A: So it's the case that Archer took the amulet from Emiya?
A: "Ahh... sorry about that. I meant to say stop but I punched you instead."
A: Whoa. I didn't see that coming. (@7:45, after he says that's what Shirou Emiya wanted to be)

Illyasviel von Einzbern (Stephanie Sheh)

A: Unfortunately, as far as I could tell, this doesn't seem to be a circular storyline... at least yet.
A: Asking his previous self to commit suicide would, in a single timeline, be paradoxical.
A: If it's a different version of Shirou, then there's no guarantee his fate is the same as Archer's source of Shirou.
A: "Trace." "On."
A: "Do you think you can keep up with my Blade Works?" Hmm. It doesn't make sense why an experienced version of Emiya would lose to his former self.
A=20160215 AM Hours

A: Oh I see, right, he's running out of mana.
A: Bam!
A: "Ha, silly girl. Come find me again when you're older."
A: I still cling onto the notion that Lancer is giving Emiya the right inspiration (perhaps Tosaka).
A=20160215 AM Hours


A=20160215 AM Hours

A: Lol, Emiya wouldn't even have known if Tosaka didn't let on that the dream was a secret. He doesn't even recognize himself? Hahaha.
A=20160215 AM Hours

A=20160215 AM Hours

A: Nice arm cut. What a fight.
A: Haha. "Go ahead a cut your arm, but first take a step to the right."
A: "That guy. Always showing off."
A: "Damn it. I didn't even get a chance to chew him out."
A=20160215 AM Hours

E25 Epilogue:
A: Hmm... it might have been better not to watch the prologue... Parts of it were good, but parts of it felt out of place.
A=20160215 AM Hours

Watched (Netflix, Instant) (English vocals, no subtitles)
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014-2015) [bot visual novel Fate/stay night]

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