Movie Demetri Martin: Live (At the Time) (2015)

Watched 20150817 (Netflix, Instant)
Demetri Martin: Live (At the Time) (2015) Jay Karas.

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While there were many jokes that were reminiscent of older jokes I've heard by Demetri Martin, this special had a handful of darker, more offensive jokes.

Overall, it was a good special and I will definitely watch it again soon.

Instant Comments:
"Bridge may be icy."
"Please use other door"
"Close the door he'll get out!"
that's a good one, "I have an L-shaped sofa, lowercase."

whoa... this is a different set than "These Are Jokes"... (@punchline: "except for people") (good stuff)
"I think you should be able to hit one person a year with your car."
Lol. That top half bit. Silly, and yet, that's what I do.
Hahaha. "A dick of cucumber."

Haha. "A little help."
Ha. Punchline to the football bit.
"Excuse, you're fly's open." "For business."
That's true. "Best before."
Hahaha. "This is no time for irony!"

"It's a free country."
"You mean Autumn?"
"Such as such as for example."
"I think Jesus was probably one of the first scarecrows."

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