Drink Calicraft Oaktown Brown Ale

Calicraft Oaktown Brown

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This beer had a cloudy, dark brown color and a mildly malty smell.

Overall, it had a nice carbonated, sugary taste. 8:30PM PT

Website Information:
Oaktown Brown
Deep & Soulful
Brown Ale
6.7% Alc/vol

Not your traditional brown ale. This is a big, bad, bold brown. It’s the intersection of a cabernet and an IPA. Or, say, 19th and Broadway. A blend of three oaks added during fermentation creates a red wine-like structure. California Cascade hops bring the local flavor that goes from roasted and bitter on first swig to a soulful, chocolate finish. Generally speaking, not for wussies. But who are we to say?

Drink up: on a Saturday night or a cool day.
Pair with: a slab of steak, strong cheese, backyard barbecue.

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