Drink Saint Archer Coffee Cream Porter

Saint Archer Coffee Cream Porter

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20150720: [20150821 Edit]
Today I went to Slater's 50/50 with my friends and to drink I ordered a beer flight.

Beer Flight @ Slater's 50/50:
1) Anderson Valley Summer Solstice
2) Saint Archer Coffee Cream Porter
3) Hangar 24 Belgian Summer Ale
4) Beach City Beach de Garde

Smell: [1] [3] [4] [2] This beer definitely smelled like coffee. I also noted its thick head.
Color: [1] [2] Simple to distinguish from the rest, the Saint Archer Coffee Cream Porter appeared black. [3] [4]
Taste 1: [3] [1] [W] [4] [W] [2] Before tasting the beer, I gave it another whiff and found it had a bit of a toasty and/or nutty smell. I liked that the beer tasted like it had some substance to it (the opposite of a watery beer). I guess I should say I liked the beer's perceived viscosity.
Maui CoCoNut PorTeR [W] Barley Forge The Patsy
Taste 2: [W] [3] [W] [1] [4] [2] The beer no longer tasted as creamy or thick as it did before. But I've also had (?)*
Taste 3: [3] [4] [1] [2] Saving the best for last, the Coffee Cream Porter still tasted like coffee. I further noted it had an easy taste (drinkable). Inspecting all four glasses, I noted the Coffee Cream Porter was the only one with lacing.

*Possibly "too much to drink" considering I never finished the sentence. Of course, I didn't have to drive.

Commercial Description:
(Available on Draft)

ABV: 6.2%

For our sophomore offering in our Nitro series, we wanted exploit that nitro creaminess, so we created our Coffee Cream Porter. We chose a Bolivian coffee with our friends from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, which lends itself to a nougaty milk chocolate and toasted praline character. Layered with chocolate, crystal and Maris Otter malts, vanilla beans from Madagascar and lactose for that delightful creamy mouthfeel, this beer is the sweet porter that leaves you wanting dessert, especially if that dessert is another pint.

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