Drink Hangar 24 Belgian Summer Ale

Hangar 24 Belgian Summer Ale

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20150720: [20150821 Edit]
Today I went to Slater's 50/50 with my friends and to drink I ordered a beer flight.

Beer Flight @ Slater's 50/50:
1) Anderson Valley Summer Solstice
2) Saint Archer Coffee Cream Porter
3) Hangar 24 Belgian Summer Ale
4) Beach City Beach de Garde

Smell: [1] [3] The Hangar 24 Belgian Summer Ale had a much brighter orange smell than the Summer Solstice. [4] [2]
Color: [1] [2] [3] It had a yellow color. [4]
Taste 1: [3] I decided to try it first and found it had a bright, lemony taste. [1] [W] [4] [W] [2]
Maui CoCoNut PorTeR [W] Barley Forge The Patsy
Taste 2: [W] [3] With a delicious bright, citrus taste, the Hangar 24 Belgian Summer ale was most certainly worthy of being a summer seasonal. [W] [1] [4] [2]
Taste 3: [3] The last sip tasted a bit watery, but still citrusy. [4] [1] [2]

Website Information:
Hangar 24 Belgian Summer Ale
Summer is here! We use a unique souring process to give our Belgian Summer Ale a complex, refreshing tartness that’s perfect for the arrival of warmer days. Aromas of clove, pineapple, and bubblegum pair with flavors of spicy Belgian yeast, hints of pear and nutmeg, and the signature tart finish. It’s the perfect brew for those summer days on the beach or in the backyard.

Alcohol Content: 5.8%
IBU: 15
Glass Type: Tulip
Serving Temperature: 42º fahrenheit
Food Pairing: Fruit salad, calamari, grilled fish, light pastas. Gouda & fresh buffalo mozzarella.

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