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Angry Orchard The Muse

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[20150109 Edit]
The Muse mainly smells like a normal cider, though perhaps with a slightly more pronounced apple scent. It seems to have a sweeter taste as well. Its almost as if I'm eating an apple! Overall, I find this drink delicious. 11:59AM PT

I shared this bottle with my family over lunch. In particular, I gave my mom a small amount and she said she liked it.

I'm not sure which Angry Orchard Cider House Collection I like better, The Muse or Iceman. I believe Iceman tastes stronger* and The Muse tastes sweeter.

*In fact, Iceman is 10% ABV and The Muse is only 7.7% ABV.

Website information:
Inspired by the festive nature of slightly sweet demi-sec champagnes and sparkling wines, The Muse is a bubbly, effervescent cider made from traditional culinary and bittersweet apples and aged on French oak. The cider is sweet upfront with a juicy apple aroma and bright acidity, and slightly drying on the finish with a lingering sweet apple note. The French oak adds a subtle wood impression, imparting notes of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and hints of vanilla. 7.7% ABV.

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