Drink Mad River Jamaica Red Ale

Mad River Jamaica Red Ale

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Looking through the list of beers available at Stacked, I found something which I had yet to try (Jamaica Red).

This Jamaica Red has a nice smell. I can also smell a little bit of the alcohol. It has a stout taste. Overall, the beer is quite drinkable. There's an ever so slight bitter aftertaste. 7:20PM PT

The beer is only four dollars, because it's Happy Hour. 7:52PM PT

The last sip of the beer had a sugary taste to it. 8:16PM PT

Website Information:
Jamaica Red Ale
Our legendary red ale. This mahogany hued ale brings an intense spectrum of spicy aromatic hop character balanced by a full-bodied caramel richness. 2011 Silver Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in the American Style Amber/Red Ale category.

Malts: 2-row pale malt, Crystal 70/80, Wheat and a small amount of Black Patent malt
Bittering hops: Colombus
Flavor Hops: Chinook, Cascade and Willamette
Finishing Hops: Amarillo, Cascade and Willamette

O.G. 1.065
F.G. 1.015
ABV 6.5%
IBU 45.3

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