Drink Public Works Ale Red Cent Amber

Public Works Ale Red Cent Amber

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We haven't had so many nice days in Spring yet, but today was one of them and it called for hanging out in front of CVP (Charles Village Pub) and having a beer or two. However, having come from yoga and grading homework, I only had the time to have one before my friends were ready to head home. In any case, I went with the current special draft beer in rotation, Red Cent Amber.

@ Donna's (20131125)
I wrote: "Red Cent Amber. Four bucks. Nice smell. Sweet, easy, hoppy smell. Quite tasteless mostly." 9:53PM ET
I also wrote: "The beer rounded out nicely despite the simpler initial taste." 10:20PM ET

Website Information:
Red Cent Amber
With a rich, coppery color, this ale looks as good as it tastes. Generous rations of malt and barley create a smooth, well-balanced flavor.

12 Fluid Oz
354 ML
5.25% Alc by Vol
30 IBU

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