Food De Fiere Magriet (beer)

De Fiere Margriet
Margarethaplein 11
3000 Leuven, Belgium
+32 16 22 09 75

Drawing of Fiere Magriet
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De Fiere Magriet is a bar in Leuven, Belgium with a large stock of bottled beer. While I'm absolutely certain the place carries a selection of at least 250 bottled beers, I'm willing to bet that they actually have a selection of at least 300 bottled beers. Behind the bar, glass after glass lines the wall, so that the customer can be served their beer in the appropriate glass. Along another wall is a colored drawing of Fiere Margrietje being carried up the River Dyle by fish (see a short summary below or a more complete story in one of the Wikipedia articles linked above). Opposite this wall is a wall with beer posters for a number of brands. Finally, spread throughout the bar are various humorous signs and animals, rounding out the cozy atmosphere.

Restrooms are upstairs and the place only accepts cash. Also, to my knowledge, there is little or no food available here. With that being said, I didn't come here for the food, I came here for the vast selection of beer. Speaking of which, if you don't already know what beer you want to order, just look around for one of the gigantic catalogs of their beer selection. Inside, you'll find a table of contents listing the beers by category. Flipping to the catalog number, you'll find a picture of the beer and various details such as the appearance, taste, smell, and serving tips. To finish my review, I want to explicitly mention that I absolutely love the decoration and atmosphere here at De Fiere Magriet.

De Fiere Margriet is named after Margaret of Leuven, also known as Margaretha de Trotse or Fiere Margriet (both translating to roughly Margaret the Proud). Skipping the beginning of the story, as first told by a man named Caesarius, Margaret was taken outside the city by a gang where she was killed and thrown into The Dijle (the River Dyle in English), though not before they attempted to rape her. She, however, refuses, and it is precisely this refusal that she is called Margaret the Proud. In addition to Caesarius's tale, Margaret's body was said to be taken upstream by the fish.

The bartender working when I came on 20130513 was quite nice. When I had arrived in the bar I ordered a Westmalle Tripel. I had, however, forgotten to ask for the bottle cap that came with the bottle. After I finished my Westamelle Tripel, I ordered a Rochefort 10 and remembered to ask for the bottle cap. The bartender fulfills my request and comes to my table with the bottle of Rochefort 10, the corresponding bottle cap, and the corresponding glass. Though to my surprise, she comes back to my table moments later with a Westmalle Tripel bottle cap. While I'm not certain, I can only imagine I was smiling most happily.

The entrance to De Fiere Magriet.
You can see the waffle shop at the right of the picture.
I make mention to it in my Buffalo Belgian Stout post.
After the Rochefort 10 I had a Buffalo Belgian Stout. The two Trappist beers (Westmalle and Rochefort) each cost four euros, while the Buffalo Belgian Stout was three euros and fifty euro cents.

Today, I come back and have a Delirium Tremens.

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