Drink Vodka, Orange Vodka, Curaçao, Red Bull

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20121204: [20121214]
I searched for a random mixed drink on my phone and found a drink called an Ice Bomb whose recipe called for
2 oz UV® blue raspberry vodka
2 oz orange vodka
2 oz vodka
1 to 2 oz Sprite® soda
However, the bartender at Red Maple didn't have any blue raspberry and substituted Curaçao and Svedka vodka. He also suggested Red Bull in place of Sprite. I was cool with that recommendation. As such, I was given
some Curaçao*
2 oz orange vodka
2 to 4 oz vodka
1 can Red Bull
I wrote: "I liked how the drink turned out." 9:39 PM

*[20150921] Made from Laraha, Curaçao has an orange-like flavor, but bitter.

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