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Boulder Beer Flashback India Brown Ale

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I wrote: "This Boulder Beer Flashback smells and tastes great. But it doesn't taste like an IPA at all. That's fine by me." 3:58PM ET
I wrote: "Oh, it's actually an India Brown Ale. That explains it." 4:22PM ET

Website Information:
Flashback India Brown Ale
Brewed using five separate hop additions, Flashback India Brown Ale boasts a citrusy flavor with a prominent hop aroma. Flashback finishes crisp and dry, with dark roasted flavors from the biscuit and chocolate malts perfectly complementing the bountiful Cascade hops. Originally brewed to commemorate our milestone 30th Anniversary, Flashback India Brown Ale earned a spot in our year-round line-up. Flash back to 1979 and you’ll find two professors at the University of Colorado in Boulder testing the entrepreneurial waters with a little project called a microbrewery. From the original Bitter, Porter and Stout recipes that founded our brewery, to our exciting new releases, Boulder Beer continues to uphold our tradition of innovation in brewing. 6.8% ABV

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