Video Game The Adventures of Shuggy (PC) (2012)

The Adventures of Shuggy (PC) (2012)*
*The Adventures of Shuggy (XBLA) (2011)

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Overview and Recommendation:
The Adventures of Shuggy is a fun puzzle platformer that places some emphasis on finishing each and every level quickly. While the game's single player mode is fun, I would say its multiplayer mode is even better. If you like challenges, try getting to the top of the leaderboards (or grab a friend and try getting to the top of the co-op leaderboards)!

Steam has me logged for 22 minutes of game time.

Today I played through the co-op game with Michael while waiting for Josh to return. The co-op mode was pretty fun. Though the randomly moving mosquitoes were a little annoying.

Michael had Num3 changed to Num0. He also used one hand to play.

I asked Michael what he thought of the game. He thought that the two-player game had some decent tension and that it was a decent platformer. He felt like the game could have been made in 1991, but that it's still pretty good.

Today I played through the co-op game with Josh.

Josh had Num3 changed to enter. I recall he used two hands to play.

We made a good team, because we were able to get make it to the top of the leaderboards on several of the levels.

As of 20130119:
Rk-TIME.-TIME1-Level Name
44-31:06-19:03-Given The Run Around
04:13:65-11:85-The Shuggy Wheel
84-24:30-09:03-Platform Operator
16-05:35-01:88-You Raise Me Up
22-41:93-17:75-Up and Down
213-41:30-14:01-A Mozzy Each
91-35:51-16:88-The Divide
409-1:22:68-17:90-Switch Central

Josh and I first got 24:91. But we felt we could break 24 seconds.
First we got it to 24:73. Then we got it to 21:81!
So then we wanted to break 21 seconds.
And that's when we achieved 19:10!
Rk-TIME.-TIME1-Level Name
87-19:26-13:41-Platform Shuffle
03-26:60-24:91-Split 'Em Up
02-16:43-16:30-Stop And Start
02-18:61-13:56-The Gatekeeper
433-1:05:55-08:96-Let's Stick Together
03-25:76-23:50-Split Time

Rk-TIME.-TIME1-Level Name
01-13:91-13:95-The Chain
01-09:90-10:55-The Two Step
01-19:10-26:73-And Then Back
119-25:66-12:68-Split Feather
01-13:76-13:95-Guide Me
*The second best time is 50:95.

Steam has me logged for 4 hours of game time (cumulative).

Tip: When going for a best time, make sure you're aware of whether there is or isn't a power available on that level.

So today I played the co-op holes by myself and managed to get a time of 59.71, moving up in ranks.

Let Player H be the Horizontal Player.
Let Player V be the Vertical Player.
1. Player H runs to the top platform.
1. Player V runs to the block left switch, then to the block down switch.
2. Player H jumps up onto the block and gets the gems to the top-left and returns to the block.
2. Player V runs to the block right switch, but should get off after it passes the next platform located above the block up switch.
3. Player H gets the gems above the spikes and the gems to the top right. Then moves to the block down switch, then to the block left switch, then to the block right switch.
4. Player V gets the remaining gems.

I numerically labeled the steps which I believe can be executed simultaneously when playing with two players. It's possible that Player V can take Player H's task of activating block down switch during 3. If not completely then at least partially.

Sucked in with the idea of playing two characters by myself, I play again and get 55:25, putting me at 3rd. And again for 51:31.

The Switch Central time can be improved by first noting the order of the switches. Then determining a decently efficient route.

4.4 hrs last two weeks / 5.1 hrs on record

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