Drink Mixed Drinks 20121007

Seagrams 7 Whiskey and Orange Juice.
20121007: [20120323]
Special occasions, such as your good friends' wedding, deserve great celebration. And while there may be better or equally great ways to celebrate, a couple of drinks here and there is surely at least one great way.

List of Alcohol Consumed:
1) (Cruzan) Rum and Coke
2) Cabernet 6:43PM ET
3) Samuel Adams Oktoberfest 6:54PM ET
4) Seagrams 7 Whiskey and Orange Juice
I wrote: "Er... bad? Tastes a little better on the second sip." 8:43PM ET
5) Vodka and Cranberry
I wrote: "Delicious, as usual." 10:56PM ET
6) Peach Schnapps and Sprite 10:56PM ET

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