Drink Julian Hard Cider Harvest Apple

Julian Hard Cider Harvest Apple

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Julian Hard Cider Harvest Apple

20120527: [20120624][Edited 20120625]
I wrote: "[Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum]. Had the Julian Hard Cider a little warm. I don't think much of it as I'm not used to taste of ciders as compared to the taste of beers and hard liquor." 4:03 PM PDT

I later had Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb and liked it better. Though it had the advantage of being cold.

Coca-Cola Zero, Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb,
Sailor Jerry, Julian Hard Cider
After sipping some Julian Hard Cider Cherry Bomb, I tasted this Julian Hard Cider Harvest Apple and found it tasted a bit more sour than the Cherry Bomb.

Satisfied with a couple of sips by itself, I poured some Old Rasputin into the glass and felt it nicely rounded out the flavor of the Harvest Apple (Snakebite).

Website Information:
Harvest Apple: Traditional

100% fresh-pressed apple juice fermented with Champagne yeast & back-sweetened with more fresh-pressed apple juice.

No added sugar. 6.99% ABV.

“The Choice is Clear”

The brilliant clarity of our Harvest Apple cider is a virtue of its exceptional quality. Using only top-quality, hand-picked apples, our cider goes immediately from pressing to fermentation, allowing us to eliminate the “browning," or oxidation, of the apple, which changes the color of the juice and can negatively affect the taste.

"Fruit-forward, with a clean apple taste and a dry finish.”

Sunset Magazine “The West at its Best”

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