Drink Cherry Lime Flip

Cherry Lime Flip

20120526: [20120624][20151003 Edit]
I ordered this drink at Red Robin on 20120526. However, I don't remember much about it other than finishing it rather quickly. Considering the rate at which I consumed it, I would assume it was decently tasty. I mostly remember the Sprite. 20120526 11:46 PM ET

I wrote: "Oh my goodness, this is basically alcoholic cherry cola. Yum. I squeezed the lime garnish into the drink." 20120527 10:51 PM EDT*

If the drink in fact tasted like alcoholic cherry cola, I must have enjoyed it.

[20120625] *I love finding information! In this situation, the text was either sent a day late or received a day late. In either case, it took me a couple minutes to figure out the message was meant for this drink.

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