Drink Shots at Maxie's

Messy Macaully(sp?)
Max Daddy
Moaning Meg
Chill the F*** Out

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I wrote: "[Trash Can]. Messy Macaully(sp?). Rum Raspberry Lime Juice. Has a nice bitter to the raspberry, but the lime and rum is a nice balance. Or maybe by now..." 8:55 PM

I wrote: "Max Daddy. Gin Cherry Pineapple. I mostly taste the cherry pineapple and no gin. So good and minus the bitter of the cranberry. I like it better than the last." 9:13 PM

What? Am I missing a text message or did I mistakenly write "raspberry" instead of "cranberry" (or vice versa)?

I wrote: "Moaning Meg. By now I don't taste any alcohol. So good juice." 9:36 PM

I wrote: "Chill the F*** Out. Orange Soda? Yeah, I definitely don't taste any more alcohol." 9:44 PM

Remark: The drink name on the chalk board is not censored.

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