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Amaretto Sour

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20120413: [20120528]
I wrote: "[Mixed Drink]. Amaretto Sour. Little bitter in it. Tastes alright. Better as it goes on." 11:44 PM

20120907: [20121017]
Done with taking shots and listening to live music at The Waterfront Hotel, my friends and I make our final stop at Bond Street Social.

I wrote: "Amaretto Sour. Better than I last had I think. If someone else is buying, then I'm down. Sour yes. Almond. Ummm, the bitterness is strange. Eh..." 1:21 AM

To finish the night, SoCo and lime shots.

20121020: [20130322]
Earlier this evening my friends and I went to a beer festival and for some of them, an afternoon of all-you-can-drink beer wasn't enough. As for me, I decided to tag along and drink water for a while. After enough water, I had an Amaretto Sour (8:11PM ET) and a Rum and Coke (9:39PM ET).

20121020: [20130322]
I wrote: "The maraschino cherry adds the right flavor to the Amaretto Sour." 8:11PM ET

20141231: [20150117]
I had a lot to drink tonight (Mixed Drinks 20141231). Among them was the Amaretto Sour.

The first Amaretto Sour I had was sweeter and tastier than the midori sour I tasted before it. In fact, it was as sweet as a boba drink (bubble tea). 9:44PM PT

Oddly, the second Amaretto Sour I had tasted different. 10:02PM PT

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