Drink Blue Agave Mangorita

Blue Agave Mangorita

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I wrote: "Blue Agave Mangorita. El Jimador Blanco, Triple Sec, mango puree & fresh lime glass. Ooo good. I like the salt. Haha. Lime salt. The mango is more apparent on the aftertaste." 8:53 PM
"I paid L.W. $15 for the Ravenchase. The mango is subtle. I find it's main job is to hide the alcohol. The fried ice cream is good. From what I remember, it's better than the fried ice cream at Niwana." 9:04 PM

The manager on duty must have been having a terrible night (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt), because there was a misunderstanding regarding the number of fried ice creams our table ordered and instead of being forgiving about it, tried to insist on charging us. First, we might have been at fault, but from my point of view, one free lump of ice cream isn't going to hurt business. Potentially losing eight customers who enjoy drinking is worth so much more. Of course, I don't own a business, so maybe I have it all wrong.

Aside from the less than friendly service, I was told that I shouldn't come here for food.

Website Information:
As natural as tequila can get, el Jimador Blanco, which means "white" in Spanish, is a remarkably crystal clear tequila that is bottled immediately after distillation. But don’t let that clarity fool you, this tequila’s unique taste comes straight from the 100% blue agave it's made from. A crisp, authentic tequila with subtle cooked agave taste and hints of citrusy sweetness that make it the exceptional choice for great tequila cocktails.

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