Drink Sake Sampler at Kaisen Kaiten

Sake Sampler at Kaisen Kaiten

Sort of Relevant Links:
Otokoyama Website
Otokoyama (Mans Mountain) Junmai Sake (RateBeer.com)
Ozeki (Champion) Karatanba (RateBeer.com)
Urakasumi Website
Kurosawa (Black River) Junmai Kimoto Sake (RateBeer.com)
Hatsumago Nama Moto Junmai Sake (RateBeer.com)
Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi (Pure Flower) Ginjo Sake (RateBeer.com)

I wrote: "Otokoyama: not bad, doesn't really taste like rice. Karatanba: stronger. Urakasumi: yum, maybe a plum taste? pleasant. Kurosawa: maybe that same plum taste." 6:30 PM PST
I wrote: "is a rice taste. this fourth came out unpleasant. cleansing of the palate might be inconsistent. Hatsumago: Perhaps spicier. Jozen Mizunogotoshi: Good. ;; For the most part, it's hard to distinguish the different sakes." 6:42 PM PST

It's unfortunate that only the brands of the sakes were named. I'm tempted to call the restaurant and inquire, but not today.

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