Drink Il Conte D'Alba Stella Rosa Rosso

Il Conte D'Alba Stella Rosa Rosso

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20111224, 20111231:
My sister got a bottle of this and my family and I drank it on Christmas Eve at dinner. I recall it being quite carbonated like a champagne. Soon after, my dad bought some bottles at Costco and either my mom or dad insisted my friends and I open a bottle on New Years Eve. We drank it while playing Power Grid, several hours before midnight. I'm under the impression that everybody who had the wine enjoyed it to some extent. In the end, I suppose it's a wine best enjoyed by those newer to wine, as it's sweet and sparkling.

Website Information:
Appellation: Piedmont, Italy

Vintage: Nonvintage

From the beautiful village of Santo Stefano Belbo in Piedmont comes our delicious Stella Rosa Rossa. A refreshing semi sweet red wine to be served chilled and accompanied by fresh fruit and cheese.

CellarTracker.com Information:
Vintage N.V.
Type Red - Sparkling
Producer Il Conte D'Alba
Variety Red Blend
Designation Stella Rosa
Vineyard n/a
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
SubRegion n/a
Appellation n/a
UPC Code 087872630139

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